• MARCA: Rolls Royce
  • MODEL: Cullinan
  • AN: 2020
  • PUTERE: 600 cp
  • CAPACITATE: 6.749 cm3
  • CUTIE DE VITEZE: Automatic
  • COMBUSTIBIL: Benzina
  • Culoare interior: Alb
  • Culoare exterior: Alb
  • Cod identificare: 3345464362
  • Pret net: 359.900 €


Brosura PDF
    Exterior: Arctic White YR29 
    Interior: Leather Arctic White RBFW 
    Launch Package ZA6 
    Enhanced Clock Face RA4
    Front Massage Seats 4T7 
    RR Monogram to all Headrests
    (Colour: ZV-Golden Sand) LAN 
    Exterior Stainless Steel Package RP9 
    Rear Theatre Configuration 6FR 
    Illuminated Treadplate - "Cullinan" RBT 
    Contrast Seat Piping
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LAP 
    Heated Passenger Surround 4HC 
    22" Part Polished Twin Spoke Wheels R9Z
    Polished Stainless Steel Package RC5 
    VIN Plate L1T
    Bespoke Interior - Module Editing LLE 
    Panorama Glass Sunroof 402 
    Picnic Tables RA1 
    Driver Assistance Systems Z02 
    Active Cruise Control 5DF 
    Park Assistant 5DP 
    Exterior Options
    Electronic Tow Hitch 3AC 
    Chrome Plated Visible Exhausts RM3
    Standard Spirit of Ecstasy Z9C 
    Interior Style
    Primary Interior Colour LL1
    Door Upper
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LM0
    Door Pocket / Pannier
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LM1 
    Door Armrests
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LM2 
    Console Lids
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LM3
    (Colour: TU-Slate) LM8 
    Carpet & Floor mats
    (Colour: R1-Black) LM9 
    Seat Main Body
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LMA
    Seat Insert
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LMB 
    Seat Inner
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LMC 
    Seat Valance & Seat Backs
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LMD 
    Seat Gussets
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LMF 
    Main Door
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LMK 
    Inner Door Pockets
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LML 
    Centre Console
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LMP 
    IP Lower
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LMS 
    IP Top
    (Colour: R1-Black) LMT 
    IP Inner
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LMU 
    Pillar Trims
    (Colour: R1-Black) LMW 
    Headlining & Sunvisor & Grab Handles
    (Colour: R1-Black) LMX 
    Tonneau Cover & Parcel Tray
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) LMY 
    Front Ventilated Seats 453 
    Rear Comfort Headrest Cushions LAC 
    Coloured Stitching
    (Colour: ZV-Golden Sand) LAS 
    Extended Leather Headliner RAE 
    Piano Black RUE
    Lounge Seat Z9B 0
    Interior Options
    Universal Garage Door Opener 319 
    Rear Privacy Glass 420 
    Driving Assistant 5AS 
    Television Tuner 601 
    Language version German 851 
    German / On-Board Documentation 879
    Boot Preparation L2R 
    Lambswool Footmats RA5 
    Automatic Door Close RBY 
    Loading Assistant RLB 
    Signature Key
    (Colour: FW-Arctic White) L0E 
    High-Beam Assistance 5AC 
    Head-Up Display 610 
    DAB Tuner 654 
    Teleservices 6AE 
    Connected Drive Services 6AK 
    Real Time Traffic Information 6AM 
    WiFi Hotspot Preparation 6WD 
    Refrigerant 8R9 
Porsche Cayenne Coupe
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